Join @SnowflakeDB and @Talend on July 3rd at the Hilton Doubletree for a great evening of jazz music and networking…
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You can drive a Ferrari down a dirt road, but you’ll never hit top speed in the mud. It’s the same with your #dataanalytics. Only a modern #datainfrastructure has the speed, scale, and flexibility to realize peak performance from your data and accelerate your #analytics - ... See MoreSee Less

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Join Talend at #TDWI Conference in Munich this week! Learn How to Get Data you can Trust at the Speed of Business. More info: ... See MoreSee Less

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  • tDbfInput - by bugshunter april 1, 2016
    Hi, the component use an API published on Mashape, so it need to access the network, that kind of error means the component can reach the mashape site to validate your key, maybe you are behind a proxy, in that case you have to specify the proxy configurations on the Talend Settings menu. bye
  • .csv Data Transformation - by bstamper1 april 1, 2016
    I have a .csv document that I need to make some transformations to before upserting into Salesforce. Here is how the document appears as is. The first row of the document represents Skill Names (MECH TECH (TM2500), MECH TA LM 2500, etc…). The third row represents Skill Categories (TM, MECH TA).  MECH TA applies to both […]