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Stefan is an experienced data management consultant with many years of experience in business intelligence and data integration. Recently his focus shifted towards Big Data and the Internet of Things.


Tech Tip – How to integrate Talend with Slack

Recently I was asked to make use of Slack for error handling of some Talend Jobs. Talend offers components that make it really easy to interact with the very nice API that is available from Slack. In a few steps this is what you should do to make this work: 1. Create a new bot…

Tech Tip – Calling a Rest service for file upload

During a recent project I had to call a REST Api to upload files. Talend offers several REST solutions, but none of them include the option to upload a file out of the box. This solution is based on standard Java libraries and uses okio en okhttp libraries. First step is to do a tLibraryLoad…

Talend and the Internet Of Things

This blog shows how we used Talend to synchronise the central heating settings using google calendar and save on energy costs. The tutorial describes how to connect the thermostat to the internet and using google calendar build a Talend job to control the thermostat. Connecting things to the internet is hot! It can be used…